5 Steps To Make Each Day More Joyful

We all need time and breathing space for us to ask ourselves questions that can and will help us make happier choices.

Questions like…Am I doing things which are meaningful? Should I be doing something different? Here’s a way to answer these questions.

Step 1:

Every night for just one week, write how you spent your time during the day. Two hours on the computer, two hours watching T.V., an hour running errands, etc.

Step 2:

List your activities after the week and then on a scale of 1 to 10 rate how much happiness each one provides (1 is no pleasure and 10 is fantastic).

Now, write the number of hours you spent on each one and jot down a plus sign if you want to do that activity a lot more).

Similarly, add a minus sign if you want to do less of that particular activity. Now if you are happy with the time you are spending on an activity or cannot change something, just put an equal to sign next to it.

Step 3:

Think of your perfect week and what activities and amount of time is doable.

Step 4:

Think of any activity that could provide you in future a benefit that you could add to your routine to make it happier.

A good example would be if you have a one hour commute which is unavoidable and uninspiring, make a playlist for yourself to listen to, or some audio stories.

Step 5:

Think of what you can give up and instead work on an alternative that would be more fun. Try and work at reducing busyness and making time for things you feel meaningful about.

You could grow plants on your balcony in pots and tend to them for a few minutes every day. If you like to read, try and take 15 minutes at least at the end of the day to read inspiring books.

Doing this at least once at the start of the year could be beneficial and help you to reprioritize your life activities.

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