Office Etiquette Tips For Valentine’s Day

Workplace etiquette is difficult enough sometimes to comprehend, but on Valentines Day, it becomes a minefield! It is a time to be discreet and professional.

For most people, Valentine’s Day is just another day at the office. Read these tips to make sure that your Valentine’s Day is office –appropriate.

No Affectionate Displays

Please do not display your affection for someone as it is inappropriate and will make everyone cringe and make the individual very embarrassed and put her or him on the spot. Wishing them a happy valentine’s day is fine.

What You Can Gift

Giving your coworker some chocolates or flowers should be okay, as long as it is not a very elaborate box, or bunch!

Also remember that when giving flowers, the colours are significant. White flowers are okay and signify a platonic friendship, whereas red signifies love.

No Mushy Stuffed Animals

Do not give mushy cards or stuffed animals, etc. It will just look childish, unprofessional or it may get someone to misconstrue the gift to mean something it does not!

No gifts to Managers or subordinates

A card or a gift you think is funny and bland, may be seen as a come-on and the last thing you want to do is break the company policies or have someone think you are sexually harassing them.

Receiving Gifts From Outside Work

If you are in a relationship and they send you flowers at work, please do not brag, spend half an hour just arranging them in a vase, or snapping pictures of them and texting them all over.

Do not keep gushing about them and make others around you feel irritated, or jealous.

Do Not Use Valentine’s Day As An Excuse

Valentine’s Day does not give you a green light or an excuse to behave inappropriately with a coworker…even if they are flirting with you. If you both are so inclined, do so after office hours.

Enjoy your Valentine’s!

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