70% Of Employees Live In A State Of Chronic Stress (Plus Tips To Handle It)

I recently heard a management “guru” quote from a recent survey stating that 70% of all Indian executives lived in a state of chronic stress.

Gosh! If that’s true, then it is indeed an astounding figure.

Is it any wonder then, that most clients and customers are treated casually?

Every HR manager and corporate leader needs to understand the role they play in controlling their own stress, so that they are better able to manage the stress of their employees.

Most of us do not have control over our circumstances; however, we do have control over how we, not only perceive them, but also how we react to them.

Here’s an effective tip to handle stress in the workplace:

Take a deep breath, count to 10, walk away (either physically move or mentally drift your thoughts), when you feel over-whelmed and call a “Time-Out” for yourself.

As a leader, you must learn effective stress reduction techniques, and then TEACH them to your staff, co-workers and colleagues.

Then go ahead and reinforce them, like in the example below:

“Rohit, I noticed how well you confronted and interacted with that angry customer this morning. I was very happy to see that you practiced what we learnt. I saw you take a deep breath, and mentally count to 10 and then not react defensively. It was a good job and you saved us a valuable client. Plus you felt a sense of achievement and reduced your own stress as well. I am proud to have you on our team!”

I truly believe that people are able to handle any situation, as long as they are told what is expected of them and the outcome they should aim for.

More importantly, I truly believe that people can handle ups and downs in their lives, as long as they do not feel alone and that everyone else is standing right beside them in any eventuality.

Hope this tip helps you learn to manage your stress better so you can lead your team to success.

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